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[TH] Nakamura Touya Application by Mocha-Mika [TH] Nakamura Touya Application by Mocha-Mika
Eee I haven't been in a high school like group with a boy in forever, I miss it :iconcannotevenplz:
Trying a new anime-esque cell shading style *v*
Hopefully I get in!
Name: Nakamura Touya
Nickname: Na-kun, Touya-kun, Tofu guy
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 178 cm
Age: 16 (Birthday is October 9)
Grade: 1
VoiceClear (Nico Nico Utaite)

Dormitory: Tamagawa
Club: Music

:bulletblack: Noodles: Pasta, ramen, udon, you name it
:bulletblue: Dogs: Owns a Japanese Chin and a Shiba Inu at home
:bulletblack: Singing: He can sing well, although he will sing obnoxiously bad at times to have some fun with his friends.
:bulletblue: Mornings: He's definitely a morning person, and uses this time to exercise by running around the neighborhood, always finding new things about the city during this quiet time.

:bulletblack: Being alone: He will always seek out something or someone to hang out with, even if he has other things he's supposed to do
:bulletblue: Spicy food: He has a very weak stomach
:bulletblack: Broken promises: He can get very sensitive, and although he's not one to hold a grudge, he will avoid the person instead of confronting them directly
:bulletblue: Violence: He'll avoid any physical confrontation at any cost
:bulletblack: Situations in which he's helpless: If he can't do something about anything, he'll stress over it trying to find some way to fix things.

At first glance, Touya seems like a gentle, quiet soul. A good way to describe him is as a introverted extrovert; he will think of others only to improve his own self image.

He loves his computer, and as a result of too much time on the internet he's probably one of the most perverted people you'll ever meet. He'll try to restrain from making dirty jokes towards acquaintances, but once he feels comfortable with someone his true personality starts to leak.

He can be brutally honest, which can lead to feelings getting hurt. However, he never means to hurt anyone, often he just doesn't think of the consequences. 

He likes to think he's a smooth talker with the ladies, but his only interaction is with dating sims. Touya has self-esteem issues, but tries to keep a smile on his face and ignore it. One of his biggest flaws is that he has such a huge ego: his self esteem is low because he's so intent on impressing others, putting himself down for every flaw he sees.

Touya's one of those kids who never turns in their homework and sleeps through class yet manages to get high marks on his tests, and he feels very blessed for his ability. He has trust issues, and is weary of getting too close to anyone to prevent them from getting hurt anymore. Yet still, he can't help but to feel like he's missing some female companionship in his life...


Early Life
Touya's parents met in their late 30s, neither one looking for love or wanting a child, but fate would have it that they would bump into each other. His father was a successful businessman, and his mother a chiropractor. They met after he came into her office about his back pain. He instantly took a liking to her, and scheduled a few more appointments just to be able to see her again. She thought he was charming, and the two fell in love. They were married within the year, and believed they could continue their lives normally. His mother believed she was sterile, in her 20s she went to have a child via sperm donor but they told her she couldn't.

However, only 3 years into their marriage they were alarmed to learn that she was pregnant. They decided to keep the baby, and named him Touya. Even though they were both much too old for children, and by the time the child was 20 they would be near 60, they loved their child and raised him like any other boy.

His mom had to go into early retirement in order to take care of him. But he was able to live in luxury, his parents had accumulated a large sum of savings each over the years. He was spoiled, living his childhood with carefree joys. Often he would throw temper tantrums, which his mother would punish him for sternly. He was a well disciplined child, never getting into too much trouble.

Elementary School
In elementary school he didn't have many friends, but that didn't matter to him, his parents were still his greatest friends and he liked playing in the dirt outside. The few friends he did have he cherished deeply, but at the time it was all because they had great snacks. He had his first crush late during elementary school, but she moved away. Touya's enjoyed his years of innocence, a much simpler time when he didn't have to think about maintaining his social status.

Junior High
Junior high was a rough period for him. His parents decided to enroll him in an all boys' school geared towards the math and sciences. He didn't fit in very well, he was awkward and clumsy, his hair a constant mess, an easy target for bullies.
Touya was clever, sometimes hanging with these juveniles to get on their good side. He disagreed with most of their choices, but went along with it under the influence of peer pressure. He became close friends with another boy who was in the same situation as him. The two would often hang out and play video games together, or build silly robots to pass the time.
At the beginning of their last year of junior high, his friend told him a terrible secret: he was gay. Touya didn't think much of it, but soon word got out and a nasty rumor spread that the two were secret lovers. When he was confronted by eager bullies, he denied it, breaking his friendship with the boy. He wouldn't even look at him in class or return his texts, too embarrassed and worried about his own self image. The year passed easily for him, and graduation day came soon.
The experience has left him slightly homophobic, but he tries his hardest not to show any open judgement towards anyone.

Summer before starting Tachikawa High
It was only after graduation that he learned his former friend  had no longer been attending school. No one knew why; some thought he had moved away, he was being homeschooled, or even that he had committed suicide. Touya was overridden with guilt, falling into a deep depression for the summer. He continued to be in denial that he needed help, eager to start the new year at Tachikawa. He saw the school as a good opportunity to improve himself both academically and mentally, getting ready to enter into the real world.

Additional Info:

:bulletblack: Obsessed with gaming
:bulletblue: Retains heat like a baked potato great for cuddling
:bulletblack: Manages to burn rice when cooking
:bulletblue: Torn between going to medical school or becoming an engineer
:bulletblack: Dubs his vest the "swaggervest"
:bulletblue: Dyed the tips of his hair blue when he lost a bet
:bulletblack: Extremely stingy with money and late for everything, except class
:bulletblue: Knows how to give killer back rubs and massages


"Hey! Wanna hang out?"
"You see all those couples holding hands in the halls, and I can't help but to feel so jealous of them..."
"I own all 719 pokemon..."
"Noodles are better than rice!"

Touya: pls be my friend :iconforeveraloneplz:
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